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Imagine driving down a dark one lane road, in a world with no headlights. Deep water surrounds both sides. Being guided only by the light of the stars, for there is no moon to see by. You can see the place you want to be glowing across the water, about three or four miles away. Helpless to get there, for the road you are on is forever twisting away when you seem to be heading the right direction, taking you further away than the turn before. Every curve gnawing on your raw despair, creeping forward not knowing which way the road turns until you feel the tire on the edge. You manage to recover like a thousand times before, you make the curve alive. Only to find the road has been washed out before you. Should you try to cross this one like the many before? How deep will this one be? You move forward just to find you are stuck. Abandon your car, leave your sorrow, forget the good that has happened. Pull yourself out of the hole and up on the other side, walk around the next curve and find yourself going the right way. But only for a small stretch, you will get turned around again. What ever you do, don't leave the road, don't try to swim, you will sink before you get there. Trudge on.
  • Mood: Fear
An infectious affection rots beneath my skin. A fondness of heart, blistered with averse thinking. No further am I able to feign apathetic emotions whilst you macerate my devotion, wherein my trust ruins. I strain to regard where my fatuous irrational journey, steered bleary eyed, ceased. Atrocious, fearful thoughts surmount within unimaginable dimensions. Matters of the heart indeed ailing, fill my psyche with disdain over my own persuasion and ideas. Purge these trespassing unwanted demons from my worry, lease they depart! Visions of vehement self destruction ramble within dreams of desired passion; disregarded upon realization of defeat. The departure of spirit, the demise of choice, I bear no prize. I am absurd, foolish yet, still I hold no dregs of your heart. I am less. You are distinguished. I ought forget your enamoring facade, your reserved eyes. Had better not to imagine your fond hand, nor one tender kiss.You impart naught but anguish upon your absence.

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